Twin Oaks COVID-19 Policy Document
Mary and Ger Glynn owners of Twin Oaks bed and breakfast would like to welcome you to
our home and we will endeavour to make your stay with us a pleasant one.
Due to the current pandemic that has been in existence in Ireland since March 2020 we
have taken the advice and recommendations from our Government who have been guided
by our public health advisors as to the preparations and procedures prior to opening our business that we are required to implement.

Prior to opening we have completed a process of cleaning all surface areas of our business,
which include guest rooms , dining room , common areas , kitchen and all other private areas.

We have installed hand sanitizers , and signage relevant to social distancing, food hygiene ,
hand hygiene and general health guidelines. You are requested to abide by the guidelines.
The owners will practice the habit of wearing a face mask while interacting with guests also
the wearing of gloves at meal times. Food will not be displayed buffet style, but rather
served directly to the guests at their table. Guests are requested to provide their choices
from the menu the evening or night before breakfast the following morning. The dining
room will seat a maximum of 8 people at any given time. This will ensure the recommended social distance as advised. There is a designated smoking area to the front of the house and a more extensive recreational non smoking area to the rear of the house.

If in the event of any guest feeling unwell it is necessary to inform the owners.

All queries will be attended to at reception.

These measures are necessary to keep all of us safe. Certainly, none of us could imagine the
changes that have come to our lives and we wish that we could practice the easy , no hurry

life style that our country has been known for.

Let us just say thank you for allowing us to be your hosts, it has been our way of life for
many years and we hope to continue to welcome guests to Ireland and to Twin Oaks.

Stay safe stay well.
Mary and Ger Glynn
Twin Oaks